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Join Dr. Anushrita on this beautiful journey of self-transformation to raise authentic, independent and resilient children.

Dr. Anushrita is a Ph.D in Life Sciences and a certified trainer from Scottish Qualification Authority and NABET, India. She has been in the industry since last 5 years and has trained more than 3000 people in various domains of coaching. By joining this course, you just don't become a Mindful Parent but you are also transformed as a Mindful Person.

The mindful parenting program is designed to empower parents to realise and accept their challenges first and then to transform themselves into a new age parent who is deeply awakened and to achieve all this you do not need 24 hours a day. Just 20-30 minutes a day are sufficient.

Practising Mindfulness in Parenting

This Foundation course on Mindful parenting is a fresh breeze amidst all the stress you are just feeling either as a new parent or an expecting one.

We as parents want to give our best to our progenies and mindfulness is one of the best gifts you can ever give to your child.

In this course, we cover from the basics of milestones of 0-5 years of age to how and what all tools to use with the fast paced changing world.

Whether you are a working or stay-home parent, this course is going to help you being your best and offering that unconditional love to your child which they deserve the most. It will empower you to practice the new parenting paradigm shift and help you evolve as a modern parent who is mindful, loving, and accepting.

Dealing with Temper Tantrums with Mindfulness

How does neural circuitry behave with positive reinforcement
Practicing daily for just 10 minutes can help you transform drastically

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Spreading Awareness for a wider Audience

A lot of people are not even aware that parenting too needs a training. It is one of the key skills which needs preparation and practice. It is no more an instinctive skill.

By just practcing 30 minutes a day you will witness a transformation which is apparent to yourself and will be reflected in your child in later stages of life.

Kanchan Singh

I am so glad to find that most of the things are covered in the course which is the uniqueness of this course. And the best was one on one discussion after the course because of which, I could discuss things personally.

Thank you Dr. Anushrita for creating such a wonderful course.

~ Kanchan

Dr Aarti Jora

Yashu Agarwal